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Never Speak of This Again MacLennan- Dunphy shortlisted for Nova Writes Competition

Brenda MacLennan- Dunphy

- by April MacDonald

    Never Speak of This Again is a historical novel following the story of Nellie MacDonald and the strangers she meets who help her along the way. It is a story of hope, and whether it counts to be a good person when you’ve done something religion and society deems to be “bad.”
    When the novel opens, it is 1915 and Nellie is 17 years old and pregnant, and has just returned to Cape Breton from Boston to find her lover. Instead of a safe haven, she encounters rejection and humiliation. In her shame, she contemplates suicide, but a stranger offers her gifts that could assist her in surviving, if she’s willing to take on the challenges of life, so she returns to Boston to have her child and find a way to survive. Nellie does return to Cape Breton, eventually, but she finds that her plan of living a quiet life up on Campbell’s Mountain does not pan out the way she thought it would.

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