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West Mabou Kitchen Gossip launched

West Mabou book committee chair Elizabeth MacDonald (left) enjoys a cup of tea with layout artist Meghan Rankin.

-by John Gillis

    More than 50 families in the West Mabou area have come together to produce a new book of “recipes, stories, genealogy, and local history from West Mabou and surrounding areas.”
    West Mabou Kitchen Gossip has already sold its first edition of 100 copies within eight days.  100 more have already been ordered and some 70 of those are pre-sold as well.
    The book is a welcome addition to the community and to residents and visitors alike and will most certainly go through a number of more printings once word gets out about its availability.
    The book started as a fundraising idea for the West Mabou Development Association, an idea proposed by the book committee chair, young Elizabeth MacDonald, a grade nine student at Dalbrae Academy.
    In her family’s description in the book, young Elizabeth notes her family heritage and her proud roots in West Mabou.

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