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Poirier’s Viewer Discretion Productions debuts Tough Call at Highland Arts Centre

Cheticamp’s Alex Poirier

    It’s New Year's Eve, 1986.
    Dean is working the graveyard shift at a local TV station, wasting time in the back office as the world outside cheers the coming of the new year. His solitary night of self-pity and Chinese food takeout is interrupted by a ringing telephone –a wrong number. On a normal night, that would be the end of it. But amid the beginnings of an awkward, halting conversation, the young caller inadvertently lets slip a secret:  He's planning to commit suicide.  Tonight. At midnight.
    The stumbling seesaw discussion that follows leads both young men – one we see and one we only hear over the telephone line – from Three's Company and Top Gun to nuclear war, from first kisses, loves lost, and bedroom politics, to the hidden wisdom of Ms. Pac-Man.
    Both Viewer Discretion Productions and its first work – the original two-act play, Tough Call, an irreverent dramatic comedy set in the mid-’80s – were born thanks to the serendipitous influence of old television sitcoms.
    The irreverent dramatic comedy is the product of a three-year-long, by-your-bootstraps campaign by actor Alex Poirier, an Inverness County native and an alumni of Toronto’s Humber School of Creative and Performing Arts.

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