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Culture of safety being promoted in the Nova Scotia fishery

Brandon Fitzgerald bravely volunteered to be the man overboard, demonstrating the new portable floating devices.

-by John Gillis

    About 15 fishermen at Mabou Harbour Wharf took the opportunity to update themselves on the latest safety methods and procedures with representatives from the Fisheries Safety Association of Nova Scotia and the Fisheries Sector Council last Wednesday afternoon.
    Matthew Duffy of the  Fisheries Safety Association of Nova Scotia told The Oran that the two organizations are on a bit of a blitz road show to complete 60 port visits and 20 Man Overboard Drills by November 24th.  (Lobster season in Sambro-Yarmouth opens on November 27th.)
    “The Man Overboard Drill consists of us demonstrating various industry invented items that help get someone back aboard a boat. There's various tools we use such as the Pubnico Loop, a similar system to what is known as a Jason's Cradle, ladders, PFD's, life rings and throw bags. Our last MOB Drill in Newellton on Cape Sable Island drew a crowd of 110 eager to learn spectators,” Duffy told The Oran prior to beginning the exercise in Mabou.

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