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Chase the Ace fever Margaree jackpot hovers around the $1.2 million mark

Chase the Ace chair Bernice Curley with carpenter and  firefighter John MacKinnon inside the new crate under construction to hold lottery tickets.

-by Anne Farries

    The parking lot at the Dancing Goat restaurant overflowed, a traffic jam clogged the highway in front of the fire hall, and at the Co-op grocery store, customers were perched in every aisle, writing their names on tickets.
    That was life in NE Margaree Saturday where the prize in the volunteer firefighters’ Chase the Ace lottery inched closer to $1.2 million.
    At the grocery store, clerk Donna Marie Leblanc watched 30 people lined up at noon in front of a ticket table in the produce section, smiled, and said, “We need our firefighters.”
    At Ingraham’s Rite-Stop, a gas station and convenience store, about two dozen people were inside on Saturday morning buying tickets.
    Throughout the community, a few people voiced minor complaints about traffic and parking, but most were cheerful as they put down $20 for a book of 12 tickets, one of which will be drawn at random Wednesday night.

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