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Editorial: What will it take?

-by Bill Dunphy

    In the second quarter of 2017, from July 1st to September 30th, Nova Scotia RCMP responded to 86 collisions involving serious injuries and 11 resulting in fatalities. As well, the RCMP charged 270 drivers with impaired-related offences, including: 231 charges of impaired driving by alcohol, five charges of impaired driving by drug, and 34 with refusal. On top of that, 133 drivers were issued driving suspensions for operating a motor vehicle while having consumed alcohol.
    That’s three Nova Scotians every day who were tagged with a fine ranging between $600 and $2,000, the loss of their licence for a year, mandatory assessment by Addiction Services ($450 your cost), licence reinstatement fee ($124), possible re-take of your driver’s tests, possible enrolment in the ignition interlock program if your assessment unveils drug or alcohol dependency, and on top of all that, a criminal record to boot. And for the ‘lucky’ 133 others who were caught with a blood-alcohol content lower than .08, they got off with a 24-hour suspension of their licence.

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Letter: “Seniors enjoying seniors”

Dear editor,
    Today being Monday, October 8th and Thanksgiving, I want to express my gratitude for the many things we have in our possession to be thankful for: family, friends, and so many things too lengthy to list. On behalf of our small group of seniors, we are a club of roughly ten or twelve people, I want to say or write a bit about our members. We are all over eighty years of age, the exception of two who are in their seventies. “Our group is so small, we are not affiliated with the Provincial or National Federation of Seniors anymore, not even the 63A council.” We meet once a week for a game of cards and the usual cup of tea and lunch.
    On the 4th last week, we had residents and staff members from the Inverary Manor, and the Alderwood Rest home, for an afternoon of entertainment, lunch, and pleasant visitation. We have done this for many years and always had the use of the Lions Hall free of charge. Now that is sold and missed by many people.

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