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Xi Forever

-by Gwynne Dyer

    Last Monday the Chinese Communist Party’s Central Committee approved a proposal that the country’s president no longer be limited to two five-year terms of office. On Thursday the National People’s Congress will rubber-stamp the change. And that will be the end of three decades of consensus-seeking collective leadership in the CCP. The god-king model is back.
    President Xi Jinping has spent his first five-year term eliminating all his powerful rivals (generally on corruption charges), and now his victory is being enshrined by a change in the constitution.
    The change does not mean “that the Chinese president will have a lifelong tenure,” said an editorial in the state-owned Global Times. But the paper also quoted Su Wei, a prominent  Communist Party intellectual, who said that China needed a “stable, strong, and consistent leadership” from 2020-2035. No need to wonder who that might be, although Xi Jinping would be 82 by 2035.
    Shades of Mugabe, I hear you thinking, although Xi commands a country around a thousand times richer than Zimbabwe. He is now effectively president-for-life, or at least until things get so bad that the people around him decide they have to overthrow him, as Mugabe’s cronies eventually did. And although Xi obviously thinks being president-for-life is a good idea, it is not.

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Remember what you have before it’s gone

Dear Editor,

    With the provincial government's rush to enact the recommendations of the Glaze Report, I wanted to offer a personal story for the consideration of your readers.  If we are to lose our school board trustees we should bear in mind what we are losing. 
    From 2014 to 2017, I was chair of the Library Sub-Committee of the Mabou and District Community Development Association.  Our committee was formed to establish a public library in Mabou.  In October of 2014 I wrote to the principal of Dalbrae Academy proposing establishing a public library/school library at the school based on the SAERC model.  When I eventually spoke to him he told me in no uncertain terms that this would not happen at Dalbrae. 

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