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Letter written in 1943 has same concerns of today

August 9th, 1943
Dear Editor of the Chronicle,

    Sir, on return from a month’s holidays in my native Province of Nova Scotia among the surroundings of my boyhood days at Margaree Harbour where I enjoyed exceptional hospitality at the tourist hotel Duck Cove Inn, modernly outfitted with well-cooked meals, conducted and owned by Mr. and Mrs. J.J. Leblanc; I feel it my duty to write of my joys and sorrows as they came upon me.
    I was overjoyed to be among life-long friends in a picturesque country so alluring to the city dweller, charming in natural beauty; but here comes the old adage, “There is no joy without its tinge of sadness”, and that sadness came to me on finding the province so by-passed in the fight for a place in the Sun, this is especially so in Inverness County, where there is evidently no one willing to take up her fight.
    The roads are a disgrace to any Government of the 20th century, not one foot of surfaced road in the whole County of Inverness, and this following the modern road building under Premiership of Angus L. MacDonald, who proved the work can be done, but alas with his passing to Ottawa, N.S. lapsed into her old coma.

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