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Columns: Dirt Road Rant: Fighting racism takes an ongoing effort

-by John Gillis

    In Canada it’s often easy to become complacent and to point south of the border when we think of racism.
    A closer look though, compels us to realize that much of what is racist that occurs in Canada can easily be buried or overlooked unless you are the target of that racism.
    I was reminded of this fact the other day at work going through our emails. At The Oran we’re often the recipient of emails and press releases from any number of special interest groups but a recent email from a group called Immigration Watch Canada took a distinctly racist tone and deserves to be called out.
    The group is based in British Columbia. What is disturbing is that it claims tens of thousands of supporters and subscribers to its online newsletters and its website.
    The release started out with advice to Manitoba Premier Brian Pallister to not follow the example of Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and to instead, “Look after your own people.” (Their emphasis, not mine.)
    While the release noted Manitoba’s homelessness problem the advice quickly took on a very disturbing, hurtful, hateful, and racist tone. Here is the disturbing content:
    “Looking after people who call themselves refugees may give Canada’s useful ‘municipal idiots’ some temporary noble and heroic delusions. It will definitely win them congratulations from the immigration lobby who are constantly looking for fools to support them.
    “But the ‘useful idiots’ should remember that the immigration lobby (immigration lawyers, immigration consultants, and ethnic advocates) consists of the foulest-smelling sludge in the immigration advocacy cesspool. Most of the lobby pretend to be protectors of the world’s persecuted, but they do what they do to maintain their jobs, increase their personal financial gain, and to betray Canada. As for their clients, most of them are here to plunder Canada.”

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Letters: Special Medal available to Veterans of the Second World War

Dear editor,
    Since 2014 the government of France has been awarding their highest medal, the Legion of Honour, to Canadian veterans that participated in the liberation of France in 1944.
    Many veterans have now received this great honour but many veterans may not even know it’s available. The Legion of Honour is a very significant official medal that is equal to the Order of Canada. Living Canadian Veterans who saw service in France or directly supported the liberation campaign between June 6th, 1944, and August 30th, 1944, may be eligible.

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