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Raising the Villages releases new logo and insights on year one (2)

The new logo was designed by Emily Rankin at Take Note Graphic Design.

    Raising the Villages held its first Convening Team meeting on Tuesday, January 24th, 2017, in Port Hawkesbury.  One year on from its first gathering, and in celebration of the one year anniversary, Raising the Villages is delighted to share its new logo that was designed by Emily Rankin at Take Note Graphic Design.
    The new logo has rounded corners and edges.  Emily felt, and the organization agreed, that this not only makes the image softer and more inviting, but also resembles a flower – symbolizing growth and the collective ‘raising’ of something important.
    The colours (red, white, yellow, and black) incorporated into the design are from the Mi’kmaw Medicine Wheel, a very powerful symbol of spirituality, and represent the four races of man.  The addition of blue is symbolic of the water that surrounds Cape Breton Island.  All over Cape Breton, salt water meets fresh water and this reflects the many citizens who call this special island home.
    “The fact that we are by nature diverse is something to celebrate, and by sharing our cultures with one another we create a rich story that benefits us all. The circle represents our intergenerational approach.  All of human life is connected in cycles, and our children need elders as much as elders need children.  The blue image in the centre of the logo is an infant, at the heart of their community, embraced by a community member illustrating all that we do and all that Raising the Villages represents,” the organization notes.
    Councillor Jim Mustard's thoughts on the Raising the Villages movement – ‘one year on’ follow:
    “After a year of discovery and learning it is clear that the Raising the Villages Mawiomi w’jit Mijuwajijk movement is all about the relationships we need for our health and development from the beginning of life.  Reducing childhood poverty, developmental vulnerability, social isolation, and improving services become achievable goals when we work together to provide the dedicated welcoming community spaces needed for our youngest citizens. Now is the time for action, as communities plan to open the doors to welcome the village, and to celebrate our connections as treaty people and to help raise our children,” says Mustard, Councillor, Municipality of the County of Inverness.

















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