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Sara Rankin takes home a Gold from ICE Awards

Hummingbird House Logo

-by John Gillis

     A young designer from Mabou was pleased to bring home a Gold Award last week at the ICE Awards held in Halifax.  The ICE Awards recognize the best work to come out of Atlantic Canada’s advertising industry.
    Sara Rankin of Sara Rankin Creative Co. received the gold for her logo design for the Hummingbird House Vacation Rental.
    “Wow, it was a pretty big shock for me.  I knew I had nominations in a couple of categories,” Rankin told The Oran this week, noting that it was somewhat of a last minute decision to attend the event.
    Attending the awards ceremony in Halifax Sara said was a lot of fun and a great opportunity to meet many other creative designers and directors, Sara added.
    “There was definitely a lot of talent in the room and it was good to bring something back to Inverness County.  You’re up against a lot of talent and some pretty big agencies,” Rankin added.

    Typically, Sara often gets a design project to develop a logo and quite often goes on to develop a website as well.
    “With Hummingbird House, Bonnie MacDonald of Judique was making renovations to a beautiful farmhouse in Dunvegan, where she plans to have a vacation rental.  I have about six websites in the design stage right now,” Rankin added.
    Her design work is spread across a number of industries – music, pubs, restaurants, accommodations, spas, the seafood industry are just some examples of the work she is doing.
    “I’d just like to send out a big thank you to the community for all the support,” Rankin concluded.
    Sara is the daughter of Daniel and Effie Rankin of Mabou.
    For more information or to view some of Sara’s work, visit























































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