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Inverness Film: Bòcan an impressive first effort

Some of the talented young actors and crew members who were part of the film Bòcan were in attendance for the premiere Sunday evening at The Inverness County Centre for the Arts. Left to right: Jacobi MacLeod, Connor Chisholm, Isaac Gallant, Emily Chisholm, Alasdair Cameron, Tess Doyle and Rayvon Johnson.

-by John Gillis

    “After just one year in existence, Inverness Film has its first film, Bòcan, ‘in the can,’” said Cindy O’Neill, in her opening remarks and for a first film, it’s quite impressive.
    Combined from a number of ghost tales of Inverness County origin, the film, shot primarily in Gaelic with English subtitles, weaves together these tales in a humorous and yet scary narrative that is impressive for its storytelling, acting, and production values.
    Rob Burbach introduced the film creators by noting that, “The Inverness County Centre Of The Arts sees a major part of its mission being to support and nurture the creation of new arts groups in Inverness. Our partnership with Inverness Film has proven to be a spectacular success so far. We hope and expect this relationship to keep growing.”
    “I’d like to say it was an amazing experience working on this film and I’m very proud of everyone who was involved. I look forward to the next venture,” said writer Beth Ryan following the screening.
    James Ryan and Colin Odgen co-founded the Inverness Film group just over a year ago, which drew on the contributions of some 40 to 50 people throughout the production.
    “The whole project couldn’t have happened without such a supportive community. Start to finish, a lack of experience didn’t hold anybody back from coming to help and to top it all off, the turnout at the Inverness County Centre for the Arts for the premiere was more than any of us could have hoped for. After such a long project it’s that support from the community that will keep us going, and put a new fire into the heart of Inverness Film,” James Ryan told The Oran following the screening.

    It was great to see such an excellent turnout of support for the screening with a full house and standing room only in the screening room of the arts centre.
    Also, great to see, was the high number of youth that became involved in the project and by the looks of the sign-up sheet, more are becoming interested in participating.
    Special thanks was made to Patrick Lanctot and Spectra 71 Video Pro its contribution to the project.
    The narration starred Alice Freeman and Bernard Cameron. The forerunner was written by Beth Ryan, directed by Tom Ryan, and starred Alistair Cameron, Isaac Gallant, Jacobi MacLeod, and Vicki Ogden as the train. The Dance was written by James Ryan, directed by James Ryan and Cindy O’Neill, starring: Emily Chisholm, Tessie Doyle, Leslie Vincent-Smith, Rayvon Johnson, Isaac Gallant, Alasdair Cameron, Cindy O’Neill, Connor Chisholm, Bernard Chisholm, Bonnie MacIsaac, Caylee Ann Hiltz, Julia Ryan, Amelie Ryan, Trent Campbell, Michael Miller, Colin Ogden, Winnie Quinn, John Shane, Mary Lou Shane, Beth Ryan, and Tom Ryan.
    The crew included: Patrick Lanctot, James Ryan, Connor Chisholm, Michael Nikas, Michael Miller, Vicki Ogden, Colin Ogden, Winnie Quinn, Mark Poirier, Garret MacKinnon.
    Translation was by Bernard Cameron, Jeff MacDonald, and Effie Rankin.
    Also shown Friday night, was an impressive and humorous short animation piece by Colin and Vicky Ogden called Baa!
    If you missed this screening of Bòcan or wish to see it again, be sure to attend the Gaelic Storytellers Festival Saturday, May 25, from 1:00 p.m. until 4:00 p.m. at Strathspey Performing Arts Centre in Mabou along with other films, storytelling and music.






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