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Inverness pre-primary class enjoy a visit to the fire hall

The pre-primary class at Inverness Education Centre Academy cross Central Avenue after making the long walk to the fire hall on Friday.

 May 4, 2022

-by Bill Dunphy
    It’s a long hike from Inverness Education Centre Academy to the Inverness Volunteer Fire Department but 20 pre-primary students enjoyed every step on Friday.
    The students and their Early Child Educators invited firefighters Edward and Andrew Ryan to their class for a chat and demonstration in the morning.

    The kids got to see what a firefighter wearing a Self-Contained Breathing Apparatus looked like and learned how to Stop, Drop, and Roll.
    After the demonstration, they walked to the fire station where they got to see some of the equipment and the trucks. They even got a big hello from Canso Dispatch where 9-1-1 calls are relayed to the fire departments.
    And when lunch time rolled around, the children were treated to pizza that was donated by Ivan’s Daughters Greco.
    In a message posted online, the ECE’s wrote: “We can not thank our community enough for the fabulous day we had today at pre-primary! It is so nice to be able to be involved with our community again now that COVID restrictions have lightened a bit.
    “We feel this is such an important part of our program and culture.  Thank you so much to volunteer firefighters Ed and Andrew Ryan and Bill Dunphy for teaching us all about fire safety and our trip to the fire hall, Ivan’s Daughters for donating the delicious pizza to fill our bellies before our big walk back to school.  We would also like to thank Lilly MacLean, a student at our school, for volunteering to help us out on our trip downtown.”
































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