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100 guitars later: Inverness’s Dollar Store strikes a chord with the county

Larry Lariviere, from Your Dollar Store with More, displaying his instuments for sale.

 June 22, 2022

-by April MacDonald
    Co-owner Larry Lariviere stops by his local newspaper, usually once a week, and while he’s in he will update us on his running tally of guitars sold.    
    The deal was when he sold 100 guitars that it was time to go to press.
    Larry and his wife, Lisa, own Your Dollar Store with More on Central Avenue in Inverness.
    Not only has he sold 100 guitars, but he continues to sell all kinds of musical instruments and accessories on the regular.
    Back in 2020, he began selling guitar strings. He initially was dealing with a guy out of Port Hawkesbury but his sales continued to increase so he was put in touch with a wholesaler and expanded to other accessories such as slides, capos, picks, and tuners.
    “Then I started selling straps, electric guitar cables, guitar stands, and music stands,” said Lariviere.
    He then noticed that guitars would go “on special” from the wholesaler – he saw this as an opportunity. When they would go on special he would buy six at a time and bring them in to the store.
    “I then started to advertise with The Oran and on social media,” said Lariviere.
    He said that he started seeing customers coming from Middle River and Sydney “just for guitars.”
    So, he did what any good business person would do – he brought in more guitars, all acoustics starting off, and then electric acoustics and then ones with built-in tuners, and eventually electric.
    “Most people wanted acoustic guitars though,” said Lariviere.
    After that, he explained, Your Dollar Store with More became an official “dealer” of Jay Turser and Cort guitars.
    He explained that the guitars come from China and Indonesia but that is also where Gibson and the other big named guitars are manufactured as well.
    “We get Canadian-sourced and quality-controlled guitars with proper set-ups – with all the guitars that we sold we only had one returned and that was because the person just did not know how to tune a guitar on their own,” explained Lariviere.
    He said they sell child-sized guitars as well for the youngest learners out there.
    It was about two weeks ago that they sold their 100th guitar and they are about 105 now.
    Larry has played the guitar since 1972 and his son, Jamey, who also works at the store, has been playing for five or six years.
    “We’ve also just become a Marshall Amp dealer,” added Lariviere.
    He said they sell foot pedals and all kinds of little amps as well as wireless mics.
    His running total of instruments sold is as follows:
– 105 guitars;
– 30 ukuleles;
– 24 mandolins;
– two fiddles;
– three banjos;
– 20 guitarleles (which is a ukulele with six strings).
    They sell Jay Turser, Cort, Oscar Schmidt, Washburn, Takamine, Jasmine, and Alabama guitars.
    With campfire season among us – Inverness County wonders how high will the tally go!
    Great job keeping the county in tune!









































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