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Test your aim at Brook Village’s Bows and Throws

 Beautiful Hill Farm in Brook Village welcomed a young group from Margaree on Saturday to shoot their bows and aim their throws.

 July 6, 2022

-by Brad Chandler
    Residents of Brook Village and surrounding areas will be shooting for a bullseye after a new interactive archery and hatchet throwing site has opened in the area this past month.
    Bows and Throws was created by organic fruit and vegetable farmer Jim Kaine on his Beautiful Hill Farmland to give a fun new experience to those with the steadiest of hands and the sharpest eye.
    Over the winter, Kaine along with friend Tanner MacLean have worked together to construct archery and hatchet throwing targets and have erected them on cleared land within Beautiful Hills Farms 202 acres of land.
    “There is nothing like it anywhere, that has both hatchet throwing and archery so I thought, ‘people are going to love this’,” Kaine told The Oran.
    Every Saturday, visitors will take part in interactive arrow shooting and axe throwing, after receiving a quick lesson from Kaine on the best techniques to be able to have fun, shoot straight, and be safe.
    Kaine says he spent a great deal of his time over the winter researching the best archery bows to use to make sure visitors’ experiences were as good as they possibly could be.
    “I wanted to get the best equipment that was going to last and that would be a good fit for everybody’s age, right from five to 50, to 60, or 80 it doesn’t matter,” he said.
    Kaine, who operates Beautiful Hill Farm with his wife Rhonda Kaine, grows organic fruit and vegetables which they sell to customers and businesses throughout Inverness County. They also run a local security service, Jim says that they are always looking to keep busy and try new things, with Bows and Throws being the latest of ideas that has come to life over the past year.
    He added that the idea came to him when he continued to see the rise in popularity of hatchet throwing on social media. Recently, HaliMac Axe Throwing in Halifax has risen in popularity since the end of COVID-19 gathering restrictions and has welcomed dozens of visitors each week.
    Bows and Throws will now join the three other archery locations in Cape Breton, but will be the only current location to have both archery and hatchet throwing available to visitors.
    “This has been a great experience,” Kaine said. “It’s fun, I get to meet a lot of people, a lot of good, wholesome people, and it just makes my day. Everyone that has come here have been good down-to-earth people and we have had a lot of fun.”
    To book your own Bows and Throws experience, you can contact Rhonda at 902-302-9599 or message the Beautiful Hill Farm’s Facebook page to book your spot.













































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