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CBHECA strikes gold, three county schools harvest provincial table tennis medals

Eryn LeFort, of CBHECA, takes flight while returning a shot during Intermediate Girls provincial table tennis action on Friday. LeFort, and teammates Kali Chiasson and Sydney Gale, won the NSSAF provincial banner in their division.

-by Bill Dunphy

    In the rock ‘em, sock ‘em world of high stakes table tennis, three Inverness County schools had their dukes up while their opponents bobbed when they should have weaved or were talking when they should have been listening.
    The Nova Scotia School Athletic Federation provincial table tennis tournament wasn’t quite exactly like that, but it was still an exciting two days at Cape Breton Highlands Education Centre Academy with three county schools collecting 10 team medals and seven individual medals.
    The big winner was the host school, where the Huskies captured three gold medals in Friday’s individual meet and two gold medals in Saturday’s team action. The Huskies also added three silver team medals to their collection.
    “All Inverness County teams performed extremely well,” said CBHECA principal and coach Peter Goosens. “Especially considering that all Division 1,2,3 schools are playing in the same competition, Division 1 schools having a far larger grade 10-12 student population than CBHECA, Dalbrae, or Inverness.”
    The Dalbrae Dragons took home a silver and three bronze medals in the team events. And the Inverness Rebels’ Senior Girls team won their school’s first-ever provincial table tennis medal, a bronze.
    “The success in team table tennis is defined by the depth of a team,” said Goosens. “A team consists of three players, who each are scheduled in a certain order to play three matches against each of the team members of the opposing team. It is a best 5-of-9. A team with one top level player and two weaker ones may not win five matches in total.”
    It was the first time the NSSAF provincial tournament included an individual event.
    “Due to some players not attending, many Inverness County players were able to take their place and play against the best in the province,” Goosens explained.
    “ Provincial level players Kali Chiasson and Sydney Gale, both of CBHECA, lived up to expectations and claimed the gold and bronze in the Intermediate Girls category. Huskies Kaye Hart and Madison Gale did the same in the Junior Girls category. Given the field in the Intermediate Boys category, CBHECA’s Isaac MacNeil was the surprise player of the tournament when he claimed the gold medal against Jack Noftall of North Nova Education Centre.
    “In his first year at table tennis, German international student Joel Petek came in fourth place, helping MacNeil by eliminating higher-seeded players in the quarterfinal and round of 16.
    “In the Senior Girls category, Bailey Andrews of CBHECA came in fourth place, with Courtney Poirier of Inverness ECA and Chloe Gillis of Dalbrae Academy reaching the quarterfinal.
    “For Senior Boys, Garrett MacKinnon, Broderick Murphy, and Ben Carmichael of CBHECA, the quarterfinal was as far as they could make it against the province’s top junior players. Dylan Jenkins and Allan Chiasson of CBHECA made it to the quarterfinals in the Junior Boys category.”
    Of the six banners up for grabs, Cape Breton Highlands will place two on their gymnasium wall.
    “The depth on the Intermediate Girls team (Kali Chiasson, Sydney Gale, Eryn LeFort) and the Junior Boys team (Allan Chiasson, Simon Fraser, Dylan Jenkins, and Darius Stone) proved to be too much for the other teams and they both won the banner with a 3-0 won-lost record,” said Goosens.
    “The Senior Girls of Dalbrae (Chloe Gillis, Caroline MacDonald, Bryanna Smith, Grace Monroe) and Inverness (Keisha Gillis, Katie Ann MacDonald, and Courtney Poirier) had an excellent showing by claiming silver and bronze.
    “The Senior Boys of CBHECA (Ben Carmichael, Steeve LeFort, Garrett MacKinnon, and Broderick Murphy), Intermediate Boys of CBHECA (Liam Deveau, Isaac MacNeil, Joel Petek, and Wyatt Ross), and Junior Girls of CBHECA (Madison Gale, Kaye Hart and Kaycee Timmons) all won silver with the Junior Girls losing 5-4 to the eventual champion Redcliff Middle School.
    “The Dalbrae Senior Boys (Keegan Freimanis, Daniel Gillis, and Scott Ross) and Intermediate Boys (Keir Jordan, Scott MacDonald, and Joshua Smith) teams won the bronze, as well as the Dalbrae Intermediate Girls (Máili Cameron, Charlize Hart, and Orianna MacNeil) with a 5-4 squeaker against Cobequid Education Centre.”
    The following are the complete results for both individual and team events:
    Senior Boys: 1. Anson Chan (King's Edgehill); 2. Davis Dauphinee (Musquodoboit); 3. River Qi (King's Edgehill).
    Senior Girls: 1. Carmen Vanwychen (Musquodoboit); 2. Inga Nowolzin (Avon View); 3. Kelsa Sibley (CEC); 4.  Bailey Andrews (CBHECA).
    Intermediate Boys: 1.  Isaac MacNeil (CBEHCA); 2. Jack Noftall (North Nova); 3. Jake Lewis (Horton); 4. Joel Petek (CBHECA).
    Intermediate Girls: 1. Kali Chiasson (CBHECA); 2. Kaci Whitenect (Musquodoboit); 3. Sydney Gale (CBHECA).
    Junior Boys: 1. Isaac Vanwychen (Musquodoboit); 2. Anderson Cosman-Morse (Northeast Kings); 3. Nolan Swan (CCA).
    Junior Girls: 1. Kaye Hart (CBHECA); 2. Chloe Garcia (Redcliff Middle School); 3. Madison Gale (CBHECA).
    Senior Boys: 1. King’s Edgehill; 2. CBHECA; 3. Dalbrae.
    Senior Girls: 1. Musquodoboit; 2. Dalbrae; 3. Inverness.
    Intermediate Boys: 1. Northeast Kings; 2. CBHECA; 3. Dalbrae.
    Intermediate Girls: 1. CBHECA; 2. Musquodoboit; 3. Dalbrae.
    Junior Boys: 1. CBHECA; 2. Halifax Grammar; 3. Saint Andrew’s.
    Junior Girls: 1. Redcliff; 2. CBHECA; 3. New Ross.




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