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Running season begins with annual Campbell memorial in Mabou

Freya MacLean helped her dad Colin complete the entire 2k fun run course during Saturday’s 40th Hugh Arnold Campbell Memorial race in Mabou.

July 20, 2022

-by Bill Dunphy
    Hugh Arnold Campbell died in an industrial accident in Port Hawkesbury 40 years ago and a road race in his memory has been held in Mabou ever since.
    The 40th annual race took place on Saturday and was supposed to mark the return of the Inverness County Running Circuit. However, the organizers of the race and the runners weren’t aware of it.
    “Nobody told us anything about it,” said one person. “The county has a timer but there’s nobody here with it.”
    The organizers conducted the race as they always have and it went off well. There were 13 runners entered in the 5k and 11 in the 10k. As well, there were a dozen or so kids who took part in the fun run.
    Prizes were awarded in three categories: Open, Youth, and Masters.
    According to Jason Calder, the county’s physical activity coordinator, the Inverness County Running Circuit will have male and female champions in four categories, including Grand Masters.
    “The Inverness Running Race Circuit pulls together community-held running events. Points are awarded based on finishing positions from each of the six races on the series,” Calder wrote in an email.
    “There will be a series champion crowned in four categories including Juvenile, Open, Masters, and Grand Masters. Registration in the running circuit will be done through the Recreation Department of the Municipality of the County of Inverness and will be no cost. Each runner will need to register and pay for each race individually with the local organizing committees.”
    Along with the Hugh Arnold Campbell race, the other five races of the series include: Inverness Gathering 5k and 10k, July 23; Broad Cove 5k and 8k, July 30; Alfred Reynold Memorial 5-miler, Port Hood, Aug. 6; Cedric MacDonald Memorial 5k and 10k, Judique, Aug. 13; and Rèis Mhàbu 5k and 10k, Mabou, Oct. 8.
    In Saturday’s race, Nolan Beaton crushed the 5k race and was the Open Male winner with a time of 15 minutes, 24 seconds. Shannon MacLennan was the top Open Female, 26:00.
    Don Holder won the Masters Male category in 18:36. The Masters Female category was won by Kim Roberts, 26:02.
    Grant Rankin took the Youth Male division with a time of 18:51.
    In the 10k race, seven seconds separated Brodie MacInnis, the top Open Male with a time of 35:37, from Kate MacInnes, the top Open Female in 35:44.
    Alexander MacLeod finished in 37:27 to claim the Masters Male division while Judi Sutherland was the top Master Female in 55:58.
    The following are the complete results of the 5k race by times (OM-Open Male; OF-Open Female; Y=Youth and M=Masters. There were several runners who would have qualified as Grand Masters and who will have to make that known to the county should they register for the running circuit points.):
    1. Nolan Beaton, OM, 15:24; 2. Matt Swinkels, OM, 17:09; 3. Don Holder, MM; 18:36; 4. Grant Rankin, YM, 18:51; 5. Mitchell Craig, OM, 19:41; 6. Jim Burns, MM, 21:47; 7. Arie Schmop, MM, 23:26; 8. Shannon MacLennan, OF, 23:26; 9. Kim Roberts, MF, 26:02; 10. Georgie Gillis, MF, 26:51; 11. Chantal Rose, OF, 27:17; 12. Beverly Hagan, MF, 35:22; 13. Gabe MacIsaac, MM, 40:17.
    10k results: 1. Brodie Morris, OM, 35:37; 2. Kate MacInnes, OF, 35:44; 3. Alexander MacLeod, MM, 37:27; 4. Sandy Sutherland, OM, 37:54; 5. Peter MacInnis, OM, 47:26; 6. Riley Beaton, OF, 47:27; 7. Lindsay MacEachern, OF, 49:43; 8. Stephano Peca, OM, 49:44; 9. Judi Sutherland, MF, 55:58; 10. Lisa MacIsaac, OF; 55:59; 11. Angie MacDonnell, OF, 56:00.




















































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