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Organizers, artists, and concert goers consider first Blueberry Jam a success

First Blueberry Jam a success

-by John Gillis

    The Big Belle Farm at 891 South West Ridge Road in Mabou provided a beautiful venue and location for Paul and Adele Meagher to hold their first annual Blueberry Jam event this past weekend.
    The farm formerly belonged to the Gillis family. Meagher and Adele MacInnis-Meagher are the co-owners of Big Belle Farm, named after Paul’s grandmother.
    “We purchased the farm in 2010 and have focussed mostly on growing perennial plants like grape vines, apple trees, and haskap berries. In 2018, we purchased 14 acres of wild blueberry fields and intend to create value-added products like blueberry jams and blueberry wines. The farm is a labour of love and our plan for what we want to do in the second act of our lives,” Meagher says on his blog.
    The concert ran very smoothly on Saturday, August 17th, 2019, from 2:00 p.m. to 8:00 p.m. and the weather was perfect.
    Meagher credits Rankin MacInnis of Mabou (Party Boots) for coming on board to assist with organizing the musical talent, which took part in the concert.
    Music was provided by Mitch Poirier, Bridges, Jordan Musycsyn, Carmen Townsend, Beech Hill, and Rankin MacInnis and his band, Party Boots, headlined the festival.

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