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Hands Dancing exhibit: On at the Inverness Centre for the Arts

Inverness Matinee by William Rogers.

-by Brad Chandler

    Members of the Inverness Centre for the Arts have their art work on full display for the next number of weeks as the Centre holds their annual Hands Dancing exhibit.
    Through the weeks of July 18th to August 30th, the Inverness Centre for the Arts will be presenting art pieces by artists who hold a membership with the centre. Each member has the opportunity to display up to three of their own creations to the public during these eight weeks.
    “It’s been busy all week, it’s great,” said ICCA manager Ash Young. “With this exhibit, we try to promote our members.”
    In addition to the Hands Dancing exhibit, ICCA has reopened its gift shop that hasn’t been running for the past number of years. Some items in the gift shop include Larch Wood cutting boards, MacLeod of Cape Breton jewelry, the works of Virginia McCoy, and more.

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