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Port Hood VFD takes being fully-equipped to new level

The 1934 Ford fire truck that the Port Hood Volunteer Fire Department first purchased in 1963 returned home on Saturday after getting a major facelift. Welcoming it home are, from left: Gerard Beaton behind the wheel, chief D.F. Beaton, Malcolm MacEachen, Gerald MacDonald, Kristen Marcott, Wayne MacDonald, Archie MacDonald, David MacKenzie (on a knee), and Donald A. MacEachen at the back.

June 12, 2024

-by Bill Dunphy
    “Fix it or junk it.”
    That was subject of debate the members of the Port Hood Volunteer Fire Department were faced with nearly two years ago in deciding the fate of their 1934 Ford fire truck.
    Every fire department likes a good debate at its meetings, and like the meeting 60 years ago when some members didn’t want to buy an ‘old’ truck, the pros and cons of restoring it were tossed back and forth until it was decided to go ahead with the restoration.


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