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Inverness Garden Club celebrates 20 years of beauty

At least the hedge isn't bare: The Inverness Garden Club celebrated 20 years of keeping Inverness in bloom without worrrying about the bloomers. Who knew large flower pots had so many uses!

July 27, 2022

-by April MacDonald
    “A thing of beauty is a joy forever.” – Mary Poppins
    For two decades now the Inverness Garden Club has been cultivating a love for beautiful things and they have been sharing that love with locals and the thousands of tourists who visit this picturesque village.

    The club hosted their anniversary celebration at Route 19 Restaurant and Brewery on Monday afternoon to a full house of fans and gardening enthusiasts.
    Betty Anne Cameron, the current club president, welcomed everyone and remarked that although the heat is brutal outside it was nice and cool inside Route 19.
    She passed the mic onto Caroline Cameron, local guru of all things green, who spoke about her late mother Robie Cameron – beloved daughter of Inverness.
    She said that many of the members who are in the garden club are here because of Robie Cameron, who was a mother of nine children, a real force to be reckoned with, and a nurse who was “always fly-bitten” due to her love of growing beautiful things.
    Cameron said that Robie attended regular gardening talks in Antigonish and wanted to foster a love of gardening in Inverness.
    “She shared her love of gardening; as did Nicholas Barabas,” added Cameron.
    Twenty years ago, Caroline said that the Inverness Garden Club was “brought to life” under the leadership of Marg Ryan.
    Cameron explained that raising funds in a small village like Inverness is no small task.
    She added that just trying to keep the flowers watered proved to be challenging.
    Cameron recalled their (and our) beloved fundraiser, the Mistletoe Gala, an event that took place every winter that gave locals the chance to get “glammed up,” dine on a fabulous three-course meal, take in the incredible décor, and dance the night away. 
    She said she would be remiss not to mention the club’s close connection to the Inverness Development Association. Both organizations critically supported each other over the many years they have been in operation.
    “Betty Anne Cameron is our current president and has been the steady rock through the ups and downs,” said Caroline.
    The Garden Club took a moment to present and honour Marg Ryan with a bouquet of “Robie’s Greens” and to say thank you for all she has done for the club and for bringing beauty to Inverness.
    Caroline took the opportunity to update everyone about Mill Road Social Enterprise’s latest and greatest project – their community garden.
    “For people of all ages, from playschool to the manor,” said Cameron.
    She said that they will be building a 20 x 48 greenhouse and that once that slab is ready they will be making a community call-out for the “assembly day” (stay tuned for that announcement).
    The guest speakers for the event were Jamie Ellison and Beth Cameron, both of whom were gracious enough to take gardening questions from the audience.
    There were door prizes, fantastic food, and beverages and everyone was tickled pink to celebrate the wonderful work the Garden Club has done over the course of 20 years.
    Prior to COVID, the group would dedicate more than 2000 volunteer hours to enhance the natural beauty of this community.
    That work included: planting, cultivating, and caring for 50 flower baskets and 50 barrels. Hanging and maintaining 50 decorative holiday decorations on lampposts. Participating famously in summer and winter parades and collaborating with the Legion Branch 132 on the Vimy Oaks Project.
    Unfortunately, because the club was unable to host the variety of fundraisers necessary to supply all the flowers (due to pandemic restrictions) they were not able to afford to put up the 104 baskets and barrels. They did, however, put up 28 baskets, but no barrels.
    Next year, with our support, let’s give them a leg up. Consider donating your back, your time, or your money and allow them to reach the full potential of how it was pre-pandemic.
    Garden Club members past and present – and those who are no longer with us – we appreciate you bringing joy to us as well as to the tourists struck by the beauty of this place and the people who live and love here.


















































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