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Inspiring children and youth and inspire to become lifelong readers

Layne White, of South West Margaree, sent us this photo of her daughter, Megan, and granddaughter, Zoey. Megan started reading to Zoey at a very young age and at 20 months old she just loves her books.

 January 25, 2023

-by April MacDonald
I’m never alone when I’m reading a book.
I can picture the way all the characters look
When they laugh or cry, I just know how they feel.
To me, every book brings me a friend that seems real.
When I’m lonely or sad, they help me forget.
Each one is the best or more interesting yet.
Some are nice, some are not. some fill me with fear.
But I keep reading year after year.
(Excerpt from Dina Anastasio’s, I’m Never Alone)
    This children’s book/rap sums up the beautiful relationship that’s formed when a child falls in loves with reading.
    Every year, The Oran is thrilled to celebrate #FamilyLiteracyDay.
    Reading is not just a solitary activity – doing so as a family brings you closer together, gives a necessary break from screens, and can open up conversations that otherwise may not happen.
    Once again, we invite you to send us photos of your family reading together!
    Post on our Facebook page or email your photos to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..
    We will put all those who participate in a draw for a free six month subscription!
    We’ll publish the best ones in the February 1st edition and announce the winner.
    Family Literacy Day is a national awareness initiative created by ABC Life Literacy Canada in 1999 and held annually on January 27th to raise awareness of the importance of reading and engaging in other literacy-related activities as a family.
    This year’s theme is “Celebrate Your Heritage.” As shared on the ABC Life Literacy Canada website, Canada is a great diverse country full of different cultures. Take time to explore and learn about your heritage.
    The SRCE encourages everyone to celebrate what they’ve discovered about their culture and share it with others.
    In their annual press release, they reaffirm that literacy skills are essential for lifelong success.
    Encouraging reading and writing together as a family helps students develop good listening, speaking, vocabulary and language skills, imagination and creativity, and contributes to their future success and well-being.
    There are many ways to develop and strengthen literacy skills while enjoying outdoor activities, reading a book together, playing a word game, writing, making a list, using a recipe, surfing the web, or just simply having a conversation.
    The SRCE Programs and Student Services Department under the leadership of Tanya Carter, coordinator of Literacy, launched a Literacy Campaign leading up to Family Literacy Day and for the month of January.  
    The campaign invites schools to share on their social media channels photos of students and staff caught reading or writing using diverse tools and strategies to celebrate the many ways they are incorporating literacy skills across the curriculum in the Pre-Primary Program and in grades primary to 12.
    Literacy instruction is a priority for all students in the SRCE, across all subjects and grade levels.
    In addition to school-based staff, Programs and Student Services staff, including but not limited to SchoolsPlus personnel, Speech-Language pathologists, and English as an Additional Language teachers, have an integral role in developing literacy learning of students through in-class programming.  
    Further, the goal of improving student achievement in literacy is one of the main goals included in the SRCE’s System Improvement Plan for 2022-2023. The Plan focusses on goals and priorities that will raise the bar and close the gap to address the needs of all learners in the SRCE.
    Let’s make reading, writing, and learning together part of our everyday activities in and out of the classroom.
















































































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