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Column: The COVID-19 surcharge – are you willing to pay?

- Bonny H.J. MacIsaac

    I don’t think this is going to be a good idea. It's been all over the news the last few days. Now I am seeing it being put into effect at some of our businesses here on Cape Breton Island. The COVID- 19 surcharge or some are calling it a PPE (personal protective equipment) surcharge.
    We all know everyone is affected by this pandemic. Many people have lost their jobs. We know the businesses that had to close have been hit hard, and have to put new measures into place to keep everyone safe when they re-open. But, is adding a surcharge on your bill the way to go about it? Would an increase in price be better? If one business is charging it and another not, which one would you go to?

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Letter: Donuts, but not the Eucharist

Dear Editor,    
    Hearing the news about recent lifting of some provincial COVID restrictions, one is quickly struck by the immense contradiction and lack of logic that the provincial government is using as regards to spiritual services, which for many of us is much more essential than many things that have been available to us for the entire crisis.
    It was recently announced that “drive-in religious services will be allowed, as long as people stay in their cars, they are parked two metres apart and there are no interactions between people.” This directive rules out the distribution of Holy Communion. Many in the province are benefitting from livestream online masses by various parishes, or through television, but are lamenting the inability to receive the “source and summit of the faith” ...the Eucharist. If we were really in a full lockdown and in grave danger of venturing out, this would be most understandable for whatever period of time was necessary.

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