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Editorial: We’ve got the power

-by Bill Dunphy

    It seemed a little incongruous that Monday was such a beautiful day in Inverness County, yet walking in any direction in most communities you couldn’t escape the sound of generators supplying power to homes and businesses. For most of us, we were going on 48 hours without power following the aftermath of hurricane Dorian.
    The power went out early Saturday evening as Dorian’s winds downed trees and powerlines, snapped power poles, and blocked streets and roads. Thankfully, with the exception of some minor damage to houses and obliterated baby barns, there were no serious injuries reported. By Sunday morning, the worst of the storm was over. In Dorian’s wake, it left more than 400,000 of Nova Scotia Power’s customers – 80 per cent – without power. The power came back on in Inverness around 6:00 p.m. on Monday, and as of Tuesday morning there were 105,000 Nova Scotians still without power, including many small pockets of outages across Inverness County. The estimated time of restoration for these people was 11:00 p.m. today (Wednesday), but given the levels of difficulty in locating and repairing these outages, some of us could be without electricity for longer yet.

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Letter: Too shy to come out and thank Neil Livingston

Dear Editor:

    I was somewhat confused by your line that “Neal Livingstone is to Inverness as Donald Trump is to Mongolia” until I learned that they love The Trumps in Mongolia!
    Donald Jr. and his son Donnie just returned from a private vacation there. He tweeted, “the scenery was actually outdone by the genuine warmth and kindness of the people.”
    Last month, in Washington D.C., the visiting president of Mongolia gifted President Trump’s youngest son Barron a Mongolian pony which President Trump promptly named ‘Victory.’
    After reading about the Inverness sewage problems and the hurried pledges to get them fixed, I now understand your veiled praises for Mr. Livingstone.
    The local environmentalist knew three years ago of potential problems with Cabot’s planned construction of nine high-end private villas near to the outflow pipe.
    Neal told me recently that he reported a strong odour coming in from the shore to county staff in 2016.

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