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Letter: Light of Liberty

Dear Editor:
    Our bellies were full of salty lobster as we watched the fiery sun sink into the sea. The ruby sparkled waves gently crested and broke upon the beach. The big blackened pot lay in the warm sand next to the fire and the smoke rose up into the summer air. A seagull flew overhead and out to the breakwater where the harbour light gently blinked to guide those out at sea back into the safe harbour. A friend began a beautiful gaelic song. The ancient words carried on the sweet air and and mixed with the sounds of the waves.

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Dirt Road Rant: The hype on self-driving cars

-by John Gillis
    I don’t know about you, but every time I begin to hear the “hype” about self-driving cars I race for the remote control or the radio to turn it off.
    I can’t believe that in a world so full of problems this one seems to be the priority for so many tech and automobile companies.
    After all, we have global warming, which to anyone who has children or grandchildren, should be priority number one or else there’s not going to be a future for the human race.
    Then there’s war, famine, disease, refugees, and the displacement of huge populations due to climate change, conflict, and oppressive regimes worldwide.

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