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Letter: MAGIC is open to understanding and sharing

Dear Editor:

    We stand shoulder to shoulder with our friends and neighbours in We’koqma’q First Nation as they mourn the loss of a young mother in their community, Cassidy Bernard, and fight for justice for her and all missing and murdered Indigenous women and girls in Canada.  The sad statistics on this issue and further reading resources were well documented in Catherine Hart’s letter (Oran, December 12th).
    Through MAGIC (Mi’kmaq, Acadians, and Gaels of Inverness County), each of us has been given the opportunity to open our hearts and our minds to the people of We’koqma’q, to listen to their stories, and to see a glimmer of their perspective. We recognize that not all of our neighbours have had this opportunity. We know that there is still much to learn, many stories to hear, much perspective to gain.
    As a cross-cultural group, MAGIC is open to understanding and sharing our respective histories and cultures. We encourage other Gaels and all our neighbours to join us on this journey in the hope that we may all begin to better understand each other. This includes opening our hearts to the pain of missing and murdered Indigenous women and girls, recognizing the extent to which inequality exists in our society, and supporting each other in our work to pass on our languages, cultures and traditions.
    With sincerity of heart,

Bernadette Campbell
Dana Thomas
Emily MacDonald
Frances MacEachen
Janet MacKenzie
Joyce MacDonald
Shay MacMullin
Mabou, NS


Fhir-dheasaiche an Òran:

    Tha sinn 'nar seasamh gualainn ri gualainn ri 'r càirdean agus nàbaidhean, na Tùsanaich ann an We’ koqma'q, 's 'ad fo mhulad leis mar a dh' éirich dha 'n mhàthair òg anns a’ choimhearsnachd aca, Cassidy Bernard, agus mar a dh'iarrar air ceartas 'son na bana-Thùsanaich uile tha air chall neo air am marbhadh ann an Canada.
    Mar bhuidheann MAGIC (Mi’kmaq, Acadians, and Gaels of Inverness County), chaidh fàilte a chur oirnn agus an naidheachd innse dhuinn. Mar sin, tha ar cuid thuigse air fàs beag air bheag. Cha d' fhuair a h-uile an cothorm sin fhathast.  Tha barrachd ann ri ionnsachadh, cluinnteil agus léirsinn eile fhaicinn.
    'S e Gàidheil a th' unnainn agus sinn 'gur brosnachadh uile, Gàidheil is nàbadhean eile, gu tig sibh còmhla rinn air an t-slighe seo - gum bi barrachd thuigse eadarainn mar choimhearsnachd.
    Mar sin, cumaidh sinn taic ri chéile cho fad 's tha neo-ionnanachd ann agus 's an obair againn le cànan, cultur is dualchas.
    Le dùrachd cridhe,

Beàrnag Chaimbeulach
Dana NicThómais
Eamag Dhòmhnallach
Frangag NicEachainn
Seònaid NicCoinnich
Seoighe NicDhòmhnaill
Seigheag ni'n Aonghais
Mabou, NS



Column: Dire Results

-by Francene Gillis

    Oops! I boo-booed. In relation to my January 16th column, I misread information in relation to Toys ‘R’ Us Canada filing for bankruptcy; many of the articles I read were ambiguous, but rest assured Toys ‘R’ Us Canada is alive and well. It is their American neighbour that filed for bankruptcy.
    Alex Zuchelkowski (Canada’s PR Agency) had this to say, “I wanted to let you know that the brand is now proudly 100 per cent Canadian owned and operated. With an 82-strong lineup of stores across the country from coast to coast – providing Canadians with all things toy and baby – Toys ‘R’ Us Canada is open for business and excited about future growth.” (Personal Correspondence, January 2019). Watch for the Canadian sign with Canada spelled out in the name, and the Canadian maple leaf highlighting the ‘R.’ Much Improved. On another, sadder note…
    “I am sorry. I do not have good news.”

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