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Letter: Slow internet speed

Dear Editor:
    As a photographer I moved to Nova Scotia and Inverness County because this is one of Canada’s most beautiful places to live and work. The friendliness of people is heartwarming.
    Today, many of us can live almost anywhere as we work from home. We need, however, increased internet speeds, rural broadband, to keep up with the world around us.

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Column: Who's up for a challenge? Plus, holiday safety tips

-by Bonny MacIsaac

    As we are getting ready for the upcoming holidays, I have decided to throw this out there since a lot of our focus is on finances and what we can afford to be spending on those gift lists we so thoughtfully made out. That New Year financial hangover that some people find themselves experiencing is not fun!
    Do you keep saying, “I will do better next year with my finances?” Or, have a goal to pay down debt? Credit card interest is a killer in getting ahead; students’ loans or what have you. Perhaps you want to go on a vacation to that dream destination that you have been putting off since years because the extra funds just aren't there. How about a down payment for a house? Well, whatever your situation, why not take the reins in your hands and do something about it in 2020?
    I have been mulling this idea around for a while and as fate would have it, was recently informed about a free course from McGill University. McGill Personal Finance Essentials is in collaboration with RBC Future Launch and The Globe and Mail.

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