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The Campbells are Coming – from Cape George

The Campbells are Coming – from Cape George

-by Jim St. Clair

Cape George
    When the fog or low clouds have withdrawn, how clear the shape of Cape George appears less than 15 miles across the bay that carries its name!  Some local fishers or boaters have found their way to a wharf at Ballantyne’s Cove. The peninsula is very evident from many places along our shore or from the surrounding hills.
    With the name Cape St. George on early maps, it was also named Cap St. Louis on French maps. By many of the early residents and their relatives and neighbours on the Inverness County shore, it was spoken of as “Cap Sheoras.”
    St. George was a Roman soldier of the third century A. D.  He was put to death for refusing to kill Christians in early Rome. Later, he was given sainthood for his successful battle with a dragon. St. George is the patron saint of England. The “St.” has been dropped from the name.
    Many of the early settlers on the promontory received land grants in payment for their service during the American Revolution. The family of John Campbell, born on the Isle of Lewis, in the Hebrides, who served as a colonel with the British forces during the war, was among those who received two grants of land along the shore of Cape George with an outlook across the bay to Judique and Port Hood and Mabou.

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