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Letter: RV park owners committed to responsibly managing their business

Dear Editor,
    Scott MacPherson and Jason Harder are the owners of Waves End RV & Campground located in Point Cross. As the owners, I think it is important to convey our thoughts and intentions to the broader community and why until now, we have remained relatively silent with respect to the posts and conversations that have occurred around our business venture.
    Scott was born in Pleasant Bay, grew up in Cheticamp, is proud of his heritage and Cape Breton in general. His dream is to find a way to move back home, retire from years of working thousands of kilometers from home and enjoy time with his family as none of us are getting any younger. The plan is to return to Cheticamp, start a business that will flourish and benefit his family, local businesses, and the larger community. Success from this endeavor will be the foundation by which other businesses and amenities can be brought to Cheticamp providing opportunities and jobs for the younger folks. The opportunity for folks to achieve success and realize their dreams locally, versus having to work away, separated from family and friends, is a cause everyone can appreciate.

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Column: Scuttlebutt: MacMaster called to the mat

- by Bill Dunphy

It might have been more prudent for Inverness MLA Allan MacMaster to have contacted someone in Port Hood before putting the blame on the municipality for something that, in effect, hasn’t really happened.
    In a press release last week, MacMaster announced that Dunmore Development, an Antigonish company, put its plan for an 80-unit housing project in Inverness on hold because the county hasn’t provided a cost-estimate to extend sewer and water to the proposed site just east of the Inverness Education Centre Academy on Veteran’s Memorial Court. According to a CBC report, Dunmore’s Amanda Knight said the project has been put on hold for now.

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