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Column: Last woman standing: Nikki Haley for president

February 28, 2024

-by Gwynne Dyer
    “I refuse to quit. I feel no need to kiss the ring,” said Nikki Haley defiantly. She was talking about Donald Trump’s ring, of course, because she was predicted to lose the Republican presidential primary vote last Saturday in South Carolina, the state where she was once governor, by a landslide. And lose she did.


Letter: First-hand EV owner's experience

February 28,  2024

Dear Editor,  

    I am writing in response to a letter in the February 14th publication entitled, “Benefits of Electric Vehicles.”  My husband and I drive a 2021 Long Range Tesla Model 3. My hope is to shed some light on what it is like living in Inverness County with an electric vehicle.


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