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Letter: The Brexit vote

Dear Editor:

    Frank MacDonald seems to think that Brexit supporters are upper-class imperialist Anglo villains like the ones he remembers from Braveheart, but in fact the English towns and regions which voted most strongly in favour of leaving the EU are among the most disenfranchised. Examples include Grimsby, where the local fishing industry was decimated by EU quotas; the traditionally socialist mining communities of the Welsh Valleys, whose long-ignored but proud-minded inhabitants want to wrest back political control over their own lives; or Boston, where a massive influx of eastern Europeans has sharply driven down working-class wages and left native residents feeling like strangers in their own country. It has, in fact, been the powerful and moneyed elites in London and elsewhere who have been fighting tooth-and-nail to defeat the will of the people as embodied in Brexit. Their media lapdogs, especially at the BBC, have been busy trying to terrify the public by painting an apocalyptic scenario of starvation and civil war should it ever come to pass. As for the EU itself, it is trying to harshly punish the UK for daring to leave the union, in order to discourage disaffected member states (e.g., Italy) from ever trying the same thing. (When the unified EU army is finally created, the Eurocrats will simply dissolve national borders within the union and then send in the troops to bring any independent-minded countries such as Hungary and Slovakia to heel; a replay of the Soviet repressions of 1956 and 1968, respectively.)
    The European Union's primary purpose is to be an intermediate step towards the creation of a global government, not to bring benefits to individual member-states. Any honest observer can see that Western Europe is increasingly plagued with high taxes, high unemployment, political censorship, insolvent banks, violent crime, terrorist attacks, urban ghettoes, and sky-high levels of public debt. The EU is plainly a sinking ship, and the only question is whether or not its final death will occur before or after its transformation into something closely resembling the old USSR.
    As far as Scotland and Ireland are concerned, this much should be said: the Republic of Ireland is now nothing more than a vassal state of the EU, just as an “independent” Scotland would inevitably be. Being ruled from elsewhere is much the same whether your rulers happen to live in London or in Brussels. No nation can be truly free within the EU. Not only is the SNP’s independence plan wildly unrealistic from an economic perspective – for example, the North Sea oil, whose revenues it would depend upon, is running out and oil prices have tumbled in recent years – it would not even hand full control over Scottish affairs to the Scottish people; and in any case Brussels intends to eventually abolish national borders altogether, as mentioned above. Scotland would simply end up like the Republic of Ireland, which at the EU’s behest is currently planning to take in millions of new immigrants by 2040, making the native Irish a minority in their own homeland. Some independence! This is what Irish freedom fighters struggled for 800 years to achieve: the final destruction of Ireland as a recognizably Irish country. But it is an inevitable consequence of membership in a continental superstate.
    Since some attempt at a North American Union is also inevitable in the future, it will be interesting to see how those who today describe themselves as “proudly Canadian” will react to the effective abolition of Canada’s sovereignty when it comes to pass. Perhaps then they will have a little more sympathy for today's much-maligned Brexit voter.

Neil MacEwan

Oran Dan - The Inverness Oran -

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