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Letter: The Pulp Mill Extension/support Issue

Dear Editor,
    “Councillor John Dowling, on the other hand, said he stands behind the letter offering support to Northern Pulp.” He states, “To me, it’s a support letter for jobs in Inverness County.”
    As Heather Davis asks...which jobs in Inverness County?
    And what of the fish, crab, lobster that comes out of these waters, which by the way, we all eat and export abroad? You can kiss that industry goodbye and the supporting jobs goodbye.
    Those are jobs located in Inverness County.
    Cleaning up a few pools of toxic effluent is one is one going to clean up the gulf in 15, 20, or 30 years from now? Where’s the plan for that?
    I agree, the owners of the mill have had plenty of time and money to properly address this.
    As a taxpayer of Inverness County, I also ask that the letter be rescinded, which supports the deadline extension beyond January 31st, 2020.
    Then, follow up with a working group as Heather Davis outlined in the council meeting.
    Thank you,

Michel ( Mike) Saucy






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