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Letter: July is Automobile Heritage Month

Dear Editor:
    I read in The Chronicle Herald that Nova Scotia has declared July as Automobile Heritage Month. The personal mobility automobiles give us is a source of freedom that expands our horizons. I well recall the smooth pink highways of Nova Scotia from our first visit in 1972 and some of that pink stone remains and is reappearing in some places.
    The roads were paved with public funds raised through bonds and taxes and everyone who travelled benefitted from that expense. Last year, I waged a campaign to repair a dangerously eroded shoulder on the Cabot Trail at Cap Le Moine. After several weeks of trying to get action, The Oran published one of my photos and the next day NS DOT was there with a crew to repair the gully. Recently, I have noticed two more eroded gullys in Cabot Trail shoulders, these had warning signs posted in their long for the repair to take place?
    Now, I am shocked at the holes in the pavement and rough patches on RT 19 between the Glenville’s Glenora Distillery and Strathlorne! Even golfers have to ride the local roads so having this condition between two world class tourist attractions is quite an embarrassment. As for the airport? The airport is the easy part, getting flights, ground control, weather-safe radar, refuelling capacity, rental cars, and passengers is the challenge. Maybe if the road was as nice as it is in Creignish now all the way to Inverness this wouldn't be under consideration. Most of RT 19 is good now, but these few sore places remain a danger.
    And, while I am at it, the Shore Road, RT 219, has some serious issues in places where holes in the pavement threaten our ability to safely continue with honouring our Automobile Heritage Month. See you on the road!
Robert Selkowitz
Cap le Moine












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