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Letter: Barn is taken !!!!

Dear Editor:

    I was struck by the lovely amenities in store for Cabot Cliffs customers and owners in the recently revealed plans, which included tennis courts, a pool, and a number of large homes. What annoyed me was the inclusion of a music venue titled “The Barn.” Inverness County has a long-lived music venue called “The Barn,” its on the grounds of The Normaway Inn in Margaree Valley. Over the last several decades Dave MacDonald has developed The Barn into hallowed ground for Cape Breton music and taking that name is just a thumb in the eye of Dave Mac Donald and I think it’s nasty.

    At a recent sold out concert at The Barn, Ashley MacIsaac had some words about this whole airport thing. Ashley recalled the citizens of Inverness raising funds for an MRI at the hospital, contributing $700,000 towards the $1.4 million cost through grass roots fundraising. Ashley said if Cabot wants an airport let them pay for it themselves. Putting $18 million of federal funds into an airport instead of other real needs was a terrible idea. Cabot’s first publicity push fell flat but they will still pursue that Crown land and insist an airport just a few kilometres from Cabot Cliffs is really for everyone in the wide county. If Cabot wants to be a good county citizen why don’t they share some golfers with Le Portage in Cheticamp? The drive from Inverness to Cheticamp is spectacular. If Cabot is as booked as they claim, let them share the overflow and the prosperity.
    I fondly recall many concerts at The Barn at The Normaway Inn, especially one night in October in 1998 when Buddy MacMaster and Jerry Holland played with Dawn and Margie Beaton as youth fiddlers. I plan to return soon when Howie MacDonald and Brenda Stubbert are scheduled. See you at The Barn!

Robert Selkowitz
Cap Le Moine








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