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Letter: 50 years of filth anyone?

Dear Editor:

     It seems the folks of Inverness are concerned about pollution with respect to sewage in the town. It seems the current system may be inadequate for the present growth and population. The golf destination, which Inverness has become, for sure will be impacted by a less than adequate system. That is bad.
    However, the council has recently stated their support for Northern Pulp who want to put tens of thousands of litres a day (24-365) into the Northumberland Strait. Wow! This is the most egregious piece of nimby  I have ever seen! That is bad too. Hey, I have an idea! Let us truck the mill effluent to Inverness and dump it in the harbour! Think of the trucking jobs! It is a pretty big harbour, so you might get 50 years of filth.
    Oh I know. No Aboriginals, who have been lied to for 50 plus years and bourne the brunt of colossal scale pollution for over 50 years, live in Inverness! Luckily, no Aboriginals live in Inverness it seems.
    So suck up to the government for help on the sewage issue and at the same time support the continuation of one of the most disgusting pollution situations in Nova Scotia. As long as it is somewhere else apparently the council is fine. And BTW we, the council, need help on our local pollution issue.

Stuart Beaton


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