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Letter: Dishonest

Dear Editor:

    Of all the weaselly and dishonest things that Bill Dunphy has written in his column over the years, his remarks of last week have to take the proverbial cake. We are now expected to believe that, despite the fact that The Oran immediately rushed to politicize Cassidy Bernard’s death before any facts were known, issued calls for “justice” and “redress,” published a piece of race-baiting doggerel blaming “the white English man” [sic] for killing her and the RCMP for not laying charges, specifically named someone close to her as a person of interest in her death, and even claimed that she was a victim of an ongoing “genocide” – despite all this, Dunphy now claims that nobody at this newspaper ever claimed that Bernard had been murdered. As lies go, the audacity of this one is breathtaking. (Though I wonder if Dunphy bothered to share it with Cassidy Bernard’s aunt, who is quoted on page three as saying “there’s a murderer still walking around.”)
    And as if that weren’t enough, Dunphy yet again tries to assassinate my character for daring to disagree with him; apparently my pointing out that his coverage was disgracefully biased means that I must be a “racist,” “Nazi,” etc. etc. – the usual litany of left-wing insults. Needless to say, if he thinks that calling me nasty names is going to stop me from telling the truth about the kind of politically-correct drivel he routinely tries to pass off as journalism, he is sorely mistaken.
    Dunphy does ask one good question: what am I afraid of? I’ll tell him: I am afraid of a society in which the media, being merely a propaganda arm of the political establishment, routinely lies with impunity while hypocritically whining about “fake news” in a bid to silence dissenting voices, and slandering anyone in its audience who (like me) dares to object; I am afraid of the destructive effect that race-based and other forms of militant identity politics are having on our social cohesion; and I am especially afraid that Canadians are on the verge of fatally undermining this wonderful country merely for the sake of appeasing a sense of guilt that was never deserved to begin with. I am not afraid of these things because I think they might happen in the distant future, but because they are obviously happening now, and because their effects are noticeable even in the pages of a newspaper as peripheral and relatively insignificant as The Oran.
    P.S. Since “white” can apparently now only be used in the media as a pejorative adjective, the phrase “people of European descent” is both a more accurate and a more polite alternative.
Neil MacEwan











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