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Column: With humour and anger

November 18, 2020

- Rankin MacDonald

You got to laugh or you’ll destroy your spirit with your tears.
    Some people look at you with disdain when you make a COVID joke, but the joke is the only way we can come to force some kind of an equalization with this silent killer that is destroying our way of life.
    It is human nature to deal with tragedy with humour.
    It is the only drug that works at a time like this.
    We, in our tech age, just have to open our phones to see how many millions have died because of this new virus, but what is lacking in our knowledge is the faces, the lives of those who have been taken from us by COVID-19.
    We have to find a way to mark their lives, grieve with the family member who can only watch at a distance as his mother passes on, take the pandemic to our hearts with communions with our fellow man.
    We have lost sight of the pain.
    But then the joke is needed to mitigate the loss we endure.
    With some families, they have to deal with the natural death of a loved one as COVID surrounds their every day.
    We need great jokes.
    In our anxiety we must reach out to our family and community to find some comfort and relief from the days of gloom that never seems to end.
    We have to talk to each other. It is the only salvation for the many who find these times an unwelcome nightmare.
    Someone suggested giving each person a bottle of Corona beer at the scaled-down Christmas party this year.
    The humour we need must be accompanied by anger.
    We cannot lose our ability to become angry over events that shape our lives from the virus to the basics of our normal lives.
    What the hell is the matter with people?
    At least 55 million people have caught this bug and people continue to cry conspiracy or pay little heed to the trailer trucks full of bodies.
    Is there a stupid virus also raging among us, in our youth who continue to gather and party and then take their death back to their families and communities?
    Grow up.
    Listen to those wiser than you, but today wisdom and knowledge take the back seat to those who won’t err on the side of caution or pause their lifestyles for just a brief moment in their lives.
    Be as angry as hell with these people.
    No one wants to wear a mask, but it may just help keep one person safe.
    Our medical community and our leaders have to get tougher, stop hedging and do the right thing.
    And our anger should prevail in our “real” lives as well, as our political leaders and experts continue to stack the bricks of our lives.
    From the COVID to the streets we have to expect best practices.
    During a pandemic, what can anger you more than seeing new paving, the kind you like to drive over twice, being torn up because there were dead pipes below?
    Be vigilant on COVID but also be wary of the plans of those in charge of our infrastructure.
    They seem a competent bunch, but it is up to us to keep our eye on the prize. Be angry.
    With humour and a dash of anger we may come out a better nation in 2021.
    Being positive that a vaccine is on the way will do much to curb our gallows humour and enduring anger.
    Stay the course for all of us!















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