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Column: September 20th

September 15, 2021

-by Rankin MacDonald
    In 2015, Canadians had had enough of Stephen Harper and were looking for a brighter day.
    They placed their eggs in Justin Trudeau’s basket and hoped that there were better days, many better days, ahead.
    After four years the shine began to fade and promises were not to keep.
    So in 2019, the people of Canada decided to give our prime minister a spanking and while we returned him to power, we no longer were willing to bestow a majority to run the place.

    We wanted the other parties to hold his hands a little closer to the flame.
    Then all hell broke loose.
    We got ourselves involved in a pandemic and we’ve grown mighty tired of shutting down and opening up.
    We thought the billions made available to find a vaccine would solve our problems and when we finally yelled eureka, more than once, we began acting like children over the newly-minted vaccine.
    Wearing a mask, closing doors, and getting a needle is poison for a small portion of Canadians and it is almost impossible to convince the anti-vaccers that it really isn’t a shot of Satan’s pee.
    But they look on the rest of us who have our needles as fools, puppets of big government and a source of more bad than good in this “so called” pandemic.
    But let’s be Canadians.
    Be civil, don’t insult and come to blows with each other because we differ on the effectiveness of the vaccine.
    Disagree like gentlemen and ladies and try to keep Canadians in good health.
    So our prime minister, two years into his minority, decided to call an election in the middle of a pandemic because he wants to know what Canadians want to do in the face of so much pain.
    Trudeau convinced himself it was the thing to do so on Monday we will decide if the Liberals or the Conservatives will lead us on the path to normal.
    Will it be a majority or minority?
    Whatever it is, we’ve got a lot of work, a lot of change, and a great deal of anxiety to deal with.
    Which party, or combinations of parties, is best to hold Canada together for the coming decades?
    Who will best handle the pandemic, who will best deal with health care, who will get to work cleaning up our country, our planet, who will best bring us affordable housing, day care, and pharmacare?
    Who will best right the wrongs committed against our first nations and other minorities?
    These are the big issues.
    Study the platforms and make up your mind by Monday.
    Don’t be lazy, or you’ll only get the government a slacker deserves.




























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