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Letter: The rule of law – Illegal annexation of CBI and unequal equalization administration: Grounds for judicial review

September 22, 2021

Dear Editor,
       CBI’s illegal annexation by NS in 1820 and subsequent entry into Canada’s Confederation 1867, along with recent decades of Nova Scotia’s unequal administration of Canada’s constitutionally based “equalization” program are grounds for a judicial review.  There are four principal grounds of judicial review available in law (some overlap), and they are: 1. Procedural Impropriety, 2. Illegality, 3. Unreasonableness, and 4. Unconstitutionality.
    The rule of law – like democracy and fairness – holds government subject to law. An independent Cape Breton Island shall shuck its colonial shackles that in chain us with Halifax, and will indeed rise again as Canada’s 11th province.
    Mark Macneill









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