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Letter: People want more information before anything goes forward

October 6, 2021

Dear Editor,
    I have noticed differences in the tone of the articles on the new West Lake Ainslie development, the RV park, marina, gravel pit, and construction site.
    In the article on September 15th, our councillor, John MacLennan is quoted saying “the massive RV park…future construction site…they will be clear cutting every tree right from the property line, huge equipment, gravel quarry…a huge change that is being planned to our beautiful, peaceful lake. The people want information before anything can go forward.”
    Mr. MacLennan also says, “I heard from a lot of neighbours who have a list of objections.” Please let him know how you feel about this clear cutting, marina, and gravel pit.
    After meeting with the owners, the second article, written by Rankin MacDonald (who also wrote an editorial asking us to “listen to these folks who seem honest and sincere”), says “they have no intention to mar the beauty and tranquility.” That is good news. But how is this possible if the plan is to clear cut the mountain and put a big hole in it?
    The author says how the new owners fell in love with the lake and the region and they seem sincere. But clear cutting is not nice. The most recent article seems to want to portray who these new owners are and their intentions.
    Repeatedly, the recent article mentions how the owner took advantage of the “no zoning bylaws” in Inverness County. I spoke with a member of the planning board who said he clearly took advantage of the no zoning bylaws and has applied for many permits. Owner Daniel Thomas says he just wants to be a good neighbour. Have you interviewed the neighbours? Both adjacent properties have been put up for sale since Thomas bought the property. I hear the relations with his neighbours are not good.
    It sounds like the Thomases have either changed their mind about the clear cutting and destruction of the land, or they are trying to charm the councillor and the public. They are good salespeople and business owners after all.
    I am glad that development happens in Cape Breton. I see many new driveways and houses on the lake this year and have met my new neighbours. They too are upset about the potential clear cutting, gravel pit, and construction site.
    We do need more services, such as restaurants and I am not against growth for the region. But to clear cut over 240 acres and hack into the mountain for a gravel pit will leave a big scar on the beauty of this area. I am grateful that The Oran keeps us updated on the progress and that our councillor continues to pay attention to the details of this development and I hope he holds a public meeting as suggested.
    Thank you,
    Susan Guest
    South Lake Ainslie












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