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Letter: In search of MSM sign

November 24, 2021

Dear Editor,
    You might say that the Margaree Salmon Museum (MSM) board of directors is looking for a sign.
    A sign for sure – though it is the kind of sign that gives neither inspiration nor focuses planning. Quite simply put, it is a Margaree Salmon Museum road sign that somehow disappeared shortly before the board volunteers retrieved such signs from various locations at the end of the museum’s 2021 season.
    That particular sign was located on Route 19 heading north from Inverness, on the hill just beyond the town, some 38 kilometres from the community museum in North East Margaree. That sign, with its attractive blue background, had a salmon shaped into the design along the top edge. That sign was one of four made for the MSM by students in 2019 as part of a Design Technology class at Cape Breton Highlands, a course which assists groups with worthy projects to benefit the community.
    MSM board members are puzzled. They wonder if it could have been taken down by some well-meaning volunteer duo who happened on the sign one night in late October. Perhaps they thought they would help with end-of-season duties. The problem is, that sign has never made it back to the museum and is perhaps propped against a shed, neither here, nor there. Perhaps it was forgotten with hunting season or other endeavors and just never made it back to North East Margaree.
    Board members would truly appreciate having their sign returned. If someone knows its location, we would gladly pick it up, no questions asked. Better still, it could be left at the side of the museum, ready for winter storage – very likely as those helpful volunteers intended.
    The MSM board remains hopeful!
    Eileen Coady
    Board Secretary
    Margaree Salmon Museum


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