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Letter: Each of us can do our part

January 12, 2022

Dear Editor,
    There is an interesting book called Our Dying Planet by renowned ecologist Pete F. Sale. It clarifies to me what humans are doing to this planet of ours. Oceans are over fished depleting fish stocks world wide. The coral reefs are dying mainly from global warming, and oceans are rising at an alarming rate. Endangering many species including polar bears; also causing major flooding and mud slides. Our dependence on fossil fuels is adding to air pollution, CO2 emissions and clear-cutting, which impacts wildlife habitat alone with strip mining, super highways and urbanization destroying wetlands. One of the worst strip-mining operations is in northern Alberta tar sands, destroying Boreal forests and polluting water, air and land with hug slurry ponds of toxic waste. Ocean pollution from plastics, oil spills, and shipping kill ocean species.
    There are solutions to these problems, it’s time for people to be more active in their participation, each of us can do our part recycle, reuse, and renew our resources.
    Steve Gyorfi
    West Lake Ainslie











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