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Letter: Rhodena Wind Farm – Developers Community Wind Farms Inc. and ABO Wind Canada - “No” to wind turbines in my backyard!

April 6, 2022

Dear Editor,
    Our family has proudly owned and enjoyed property in Long Point, Cape Breton, since the turn of the 1800s and expect to do so well into the future. What draws us to this land? The beauty, peace, and tranquility of nature at its best.
    There are now those that threaten to take this away from us by disturbing and affecting our very well-being with massive commercial wind turbines, practically right in our backyard. Turbines so big they will stand 400 meters high in the air above sea level, along the Long Point/Craigmore/Creignish ridge. Turbines that Rhodena Wind Farm propose a 1000 meters set back from our “residence” rather from our property line, making a portion of our land unusable.
    And then, of course, is the noise and the flickering, along with any lighting requirements on top of the turbines that would be required for aviation purposes. Rhodena Wind Farm tell us these things will have little effect on us when our research and testimonials say otherwise. We are being misled!
    Rhodena Wind Farm is doing very little to gain the support of the community, but instead has chosen to place their efforts in making presentations to Inverness County Council and The Port Hawkesbury Chamber of Commerce. There was one public meeting in September 2021 advertised only by a mailed-out brochure. Even at that, the public were misled by the misconception that these massive commercial turbines would be in Rhodena rather than on the ridge of the Long Point/Craigmore/Creignish Mountain very visible from Route 19, approximately 1.8 – 2 km away. Attendance at the meeting was not as it would have been had the truth been disclosed. There has only been one further brochure with minor changes since then.
    We recognize this is very big business for the developers; however, to achieve their goals by misleading residents and without regard for the negative impact these massive industrial turbines will have on the well-being of the community, is unprofessional, irresponsible, and unacceptable. This is not how good corporate citizens do business!
    We recognize the need for clean and green, but there are so many other places that can accommodate turbines and other energy sources (i.e. solar); sites that will not negatively impact the residents of our or any other community, both from a visual perspective and also destroy a homeowner’s enjoyment of their land. We have not even touched on the impact this might have on the environment, how it would affect our property values or the negative visual affect this would have on tourists who travel Route 19 to two world class golf courses and the entrance to our famous Cabot Trail.
    Nova Scotia Tourism promotes Cape Breton Island for many valid reasons. Now visualize placing massive commercial turbines in brochures and videos and you will have virtually destroyed the very things our province is promoting.
    Surely all decision makers and/or government powers must know how many of our Cape Breton residents rely heavily on tourism for their very livelihood. Why would anyone possibly wish to jeopardize this and destroy the landscape of peaceful tranquility of our beautiful island, with massive industrial turbines along Route 19; the Ceilidh Trail? It makes absolutely no sense!
    Respectfully submitted by,                               
    Dennis and Barb Grant
    Long Point


































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