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Letter: Re: Open letter to Premier Houston

May 18, 2022


Dear Editor,
    “I would like to congratulate you personally today on reversing the decision to charge a two per cent annual tax to non-Nova Scotia residents.”
    Once upon a time, not so long ago, a fine, industrious, “come from away” gentleman was ambling merrily along his way in life, when seemingly out of nowhere a group of  mean-looking characters set upon him. The August gentleman, quaking in his Nikes, fearful for life, and wallet, inquired what they wanted. Money, they shouted in unison!
    Taxes! In a wee, fearful voice the accosted gent inquired, “Who are you?” The reply was “we are the Nova Scotia government.... bureaucrats; high-ranking politicians, bean counters, and we see that since you are from away – you are rich, we intend to tax you and your kind to death. And don’t be afraid to be taxed to death.... and your just reward. The “gone aways” that have gone away to make a living in Nova Scotia will also be taxed to death. You, sir, will not die alone! But... but, the totally traumatized squeaked “This is stupid.” The robbers replied... “We are the government!”
    But, in the nick of time, good luck (and much protest) prevailed. A large group of “come from aways, gone aways (but came-backs), and locals” happened to come by and managed to subdue the would-be robbers. Kind of like show them the error of their ways, so to speak. Robbers tend to be cowards anyway.
    Now, as for the (almost) victim, he was so grateful, so relieved, so thankful for the deliverance of his fortune and future, that he prostrated himself before the would-be robbers and congratulated.....and thanked them for changing their minds not to rob him. Yup!
    The above satiric fairy tail is not really a fairy tail, but a true tail. It refers to an open letter in last week’s Oran to Premier Houston, et al, by Mr. Rolf Bouman. While Mr. Bouman is a “come from away” making a home and a living, and yes, running a business in Nova Scotia, I, on the other hand, am a “gone away,” making a living elsewhere to keep my home in Nova Scotia.
    But, unlike Mr. Bouman, I would like “to congratulate and thank all the “come from aways,” the “gone aways,” and the local folks, and yes, Mr Bouman, you too (for your first letter), for forcing the Houston government to back track on a very stupid and destructive tax.
    As for Mr. Houston, it would be wise for you to bear in mind that you work for the people of Nova Scotia, and not the other way around.
    And you might realize, in time, that the power of the people, and democracy is alive and well..... At least in Nova Scotia...... for now.
    Thank you,
Henry Lewaskewicz
Broad Cove













































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