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Letter: Letter to Nova Scotia Public Enquiries

July 20, 2022

Dear Editor,
    My wife and I have a seasonal home in East Margaree and walk daily over the three bridges on the Cross Road. It is distressing to find that the wooden planks on the Cross Road from the Cabot Trail to East Margaree village continue to be in dire condition. Two of the three bridges are in abysmal shape with a number of bridge planks no longer having any means to keep them level.
    As a result dozens of planks are protruding four to six inches above the bridge surface and are in desperate need of replacement. They pose a very dangerous situation for bicyclists, motorbikes, and motor scooters.  This needs to be addressed immediately since more and more summer tourists are using the Cabot Trail and are also accessing the three wooden planked bridges. If no action is taken there is a high likelihood of a serious accident.
    I reported on the bridge condition in October of 2021 and of the three bridges, the middle bridge was repaired; but the one closest to the Cabot Trail continues to be in terrible shape, as is the bridge with the metal superstructure. I should also note that the asphalt surface between the bridges has suffered major erosion along the shoulders of the road.
Hugh Curran
East Margaree



























































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