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Letters: Saint Mary MacKillop of the Cross Feast Day: August 8th (2)

Dear editor,

After being away from the county for the past 56 years, I have seen a lot of changes since returning last October.

Many of these changes have not been, in my opinion, for the betterment of the people of the county or the public in general.

Inverness business district has deteriorated over the years; hotels, motels, theatres, grocery stores, and restaurants have all disappeared. Worst of all, public access to the jewel of Inverness, its beachfront, has been overtaken by a golf course.

From the drawings in last week’s article by April MacDonald, about the unveiling of the “luxury beach cottages” proposed by Cabot Links, I wonder if the beach will still be for the public and tourists or will it belong to Cabot Links?

Public access now is restricted to a single road – the Beach Road.

Whatever happened to the second Beach Road access, the walking trails used by our parents and ourselves for over 100 years? What has happened to the sand dunes which reached over 100-200 feet from the high tide mark along this beautiful beach front?

Does the province of NS protect the public access to the waterways of the province and its ocean beachfronts? 

A second road access to the beach is a safety issue for all who use the full beach area. A drowning victim, heart attack victim, or a sunstroke victim at the upper end of the beach near the cottages RV park cannot get emergency medical response services in a timely way, which could save their lives.

Do we have to wait for someone to die on the beach before something is done to provide for safe, full access to our beachfront? I hope not.

A second access road connecting along the beachfront with the existing Beach Road would provide full access for the people of Inverness, tourists, and emergency services as well.

Sincerely yours,

Alex MacDonald


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