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Letters: Embarrassing Doug Cameron last straw for reader sick of rants

Dear editor,

I am addressing this letter to Anton Selkowitz. Anton, I have known you for a long time now, and on a personal level, I have no issues. However, your continuous rants in our local newspaper regarding Cabot Links be blunt, making me sick.

Before Inverness had golf courses on our shores, they had a dump and pigeons covering most of the land. Now there is a beautiful golf course with buildings to accommodate the people who come from all over to golf. Local businesses are making more money and people overall are excited about their hometown. Houses are sprucing up and there is a feeling of pride in the air – and you are doing nothing but carping at every detail!

If we lived in a perfect world, Anton, I would love to see more green fields and if I could, I would cut down half of the trees that have grown in their place, but we do not live in a perfect world, do we?



If it was left to any of our provincial governments, our schools, hospital, etc. would have locks on them. Our government does not care about rural areas. 

In spite of that thinking, the people here continued to try to grow this economy and this village of Inverness has reinvented itself successfully for many years. Against all odds it has done that and the very people you continue to malign and point fingers at are the ones who have done so much work in that direction. 

Anton, coming together for the greater good has always won over dividing people and allowing the ugly ignorance of humans to come out. That is very negative action, and I have come to the conclusion that you are thriving on it.

I have a few questions, Anton. Are you a Canadian citizen, and were you able to vote in our recent municipal elections? I know you are a landowner and I certainly agree that you should do all you can to protect your property from anything that may concern it, but I do not think you have a right to involve yourself, as you have, in the politics of this village. I think you have gone too far with your divisional style of Donald Trump politics.

I get nothing from Cabot Links but hope for the future. A lot of people are working and the exciting feeling of going forward elates me. Please leave the work and politics of this area up to the people who have worked hard for Inverness and I think you will see that they (too) can solve issues and come together for the greater good.

P.S. You went over the top, Anton, when you embarrassed Dougie Cameron at a public meeting and felt so damn good about it you put it in a letter for all to see. That is disgusting! Dougie Cameron is as fine a gentleman as you would want to meet. He and his wife have quietly been the best of volunteers in this community and respected throughout. How dare you even try to put yourself in his shoes? How much volunteering have you done, Anton, and just who appointed you Lord and mayor of all things here?

Crisi B. MacLellan


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