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The Weaving of My Tartan Heart

Donelda MacDonnell wearing one of her signature tartan heart aprons.

November 24, 2021

-by April MacDonald

    Donelda MacDonnell learned to sew by watching her mother, Annie Margaret Beaton.
    “The first thing I ever made was a dress for my sister’s doll. My sister is Anita and her doll’s name was Gloria, and I can remember it like it was yesterday,” explained MacDonnell.
    Her talent for sewing and quilting is well known across Inverness County; however, she very recently turned her hand to weaving together stories from the past.
    The Weaving of my Tartan Heart offers a peek through the window of the MacDonnell’s thoughts. Vivid images of a time long past make the reader feel as though they are present in each scene. Stories of when life was simpler, and respect for elders and tradition evokes a warmth you can feel deep in your soul – like a cozy woolen blanket.

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