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Chief Annie Bernard-Daisley tackles fishery, land claims

We’koqma’q First Nation chief Annie Bernard-Daisley at her swearing in ceremony.

November 18, 2020

-by Bill Dunphy

    You can call her Chief, or Mrs. Bernard-Daisley, or just plain Annie – none of that matters to her.
    “I don’t pay attention to titles, it’s all about the job, and I feel like I have a job to do,” said newly-elected We’koqma’q First Nation Chief Annie Bernard-Daisley.
    Since unseating former Chief Roderick Googoo in October’s election, Bernard-Daisley and her council have been busy charting a course for the future, beginning with a community meeting to hear the concerns of the people.
    “The meeting was very good and we will be holding more of them. We need to make improvements on our live-stream so we can follow the COVID-19 guidelines. First Nations’ people are generally vulnerable to the virus,” she said.

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