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Inverness County hit hard by hurricane Dorian

Practically every tree in Colonel Smith’s yard in Inverness fell during Dorian’s assault, but apart from a baby barn, his home and surrounding houses were left relatively unscathed.

-by Anne Farries

    Giant windstorm Dorian trampled through Inverness Saturday night, swinging a heavy cudgel, knocking off buildings and blowing out lights.
    The category-two hurricane toppled uncountable trees which, as they tumbled, dragged down a record number of power lines. Much of the county fell into pitch dark for two nights, with some parts likely to remain so for several more.
    “I don’t recall a storm like this one, and I’ve been around since quite a while,” Warden Betty Ann MacQuarrie said Monday. “It’s a storm that we won’t forget any time soon.” At one point, 80 percent of the province had no electricity, the most in Nova Scotia Power’s history.
    In Inverness, massive trees punched the corners off at least five houses.
    Heavy trunks and fallen branches blocked numerous roads in two-thirds of the county.

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