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Support needed towards improvements at Le Foyer Père Fiset

-by Rosie Aucoin-Grace

     In recent weeks, there has been an urgent call to the public on social media to sign a petition concerning much-needed improvements for Le Foyer Père Fiset. As requests and applications for modifications have been turned down in the past, many residents of Chéticamp feel it is time to take a serious look at this situation and take it up a notch.
     Community Matters - Allons-y ensemble (CMAE) is a volunteer group of people in Chéticamp, dedicated to initiating, facilitating, and supporting positive, collaborative projects within their area to benefit its residents. They started this petition, which was aimed to get the attention of prime minister of Canada, Justin Trudeau, and various other department heads. This all came about as support to the Vision 2020 Committee who have been trying diligently to advance with the expansion of Le Foyer Père Fiset without success.

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