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Cabot reports four holes-in-one for the month of July

Doug Hill from Dartmouth, NS, Eric-James Boffey from Quebec, Joey Saulnier from Dieppe, NB, Zach Leblanc from Moncton, NB

 July 21, 2021

Cabot reports four holes-in-one for the month of July

    July isn’t quite over yet, but Cabot reported through their social media that “we aren’t halfway through the month of July and four people have accomplished what every golfer dreams of when teeing off. A hole-in-one is an incredible achievement and a memory that lasts forever.”
    Congratulations to these four individuals on joining the #cabotholeinoneclub!
    Those individuals are:
Doug Hill from Dartmouth, NS
Hole 14 at Cabot Cliffs
July 8th, 2021
Eric-James Boffey from Quebec
Hole 17 at Cabot Links
July 11th, 2021
Joey Saulnier from Dieppe, NB
Hole 9 at Cabot Cliffs
July 14th, 2021
Zach Leblanc from Moncton, NB
Hole 6 at Cabot Cliffs
July 18th, 2021
Are you a member of the #cabotholeinoneclub? Or still waiting for your time to shine?




















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