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New music from Aaron MacDonald is what we need right now

“It’s just a fun creative outlet for me. If other folks dig it, that’s gravy,” said musician Aaron MacDonald about a lifetime creating music in the East Coast music scene.

January 27, 2021


-by April MacDonald

    Aaron MacDonald has been hanging around the East Coast Music scene for a long time.
    “Almost too long,” laughed MacDonald.
    He stepped away from touring and took time to raise his children and carve out a pretty lovely life, but he always continued to play locally and to write songs.
    This Thursday, January 28th, he will be releasing a new single.
    “I’ll be releasing more songs over the next couple of months throughout 2021,” he added.
    MacDonald did a Maritime tour at Christmas in 2019.
    “That was the first time in a while and then COVID (and my 15-year-old daughter) convinced me to start getting some of these songs out to the people,” explained MacDonald.
    “I’ve been working on some of these songs for about eight months now,” he added. MacDonald’s first single and video of 2021, Gonna Get There comes out Thursday.
    “I plan on releasing a new song every two months or so for the next little bit,” said MacDonald.
    The new music will be a purely digital release.
    “It will be released everywhere digitally, Apple Music, Spotify, Amazon Music, Google Play, YouTube, everywhere that sells music digitally,” said MacDonald.
    Is it for free or for purchase?
    The music is free to stream, but if you want to download the track, you’ll have to purchase it.
    This is a solo project for MacDonald.
    “I’ve recently started learning the production side of recording music since COVID first hit. Even though I put out four or five albums back in the day, I never really paid attention to the recording side of things,” he explained.
    “I always let whatever recording engineer was there handle all those particulars,” he added.
     Last spring, when the world was being introduced to and coming to uncertain terms with COVID, MacDonald bought himself an audio interface and has been doing pretty much all the recording and performing at home.
    “I have my cousin Brennan MacDonald helping me on some extra guitar parts; the rest is all me.”
    Aaron has been sending the tracks up to Mike Ryan (Town Heroes) for the mastering process for each track.
    When asked what still inspires him to create music, he said that his life is his inspiration.
    “I’m a lucky guy. I have a great family, my wife, Melanie, and my kids, and my friends. I live in one of the best places on the globe. Just day-to-day life inspires me to write,” he explained.
    MacDonald is married to Melanie (MacQuarrie), principal at Tamarac Education Centre, his oldest daughter (who gave him the push he needed) is Lily Rain and she is 15.
    “She was the one who suggested posting one of the first songs back in early COVID days,” said MacDonald.
    “My boy Oliver is 13, Violet Mae is 11, and Penny Lou is nine,” he added.
    When asked if the lockdown or the COVID change of pace has influenced his writing he said, “I have always continued to write since I was 18 years old. I go in spurts. I may not write a song for a few months, and then five or six songs will come out in a week or two,” he explained.
    “But when COVID hit and we were all glued at home, I started writing like mad. A few tunes per week. I probably wrote 20 songs in the first two months of COVID last spring, and I’ve been continuing to write since then,” he added.
    All of these upcoming releases are new material for now, but he said he may start dipping into his old unrecorded music as well.
    Most artists you speak to nowadays say how different it is without there being any kind of music “scene” anymore.
    “I wouldn’t say I miss ‘the scene’ per se. I have always continued to play shows; I just stopped touring nationally and planned my gigs closer to home as my family grew larger. The scene for me is playing live. That’s it. Whether that’s in Halifax or Toronto, or in Inverness or Mabou,” said MacDonald.
    “I always wrote songs, and since I stepped back from touring 10 years ago, I never had the urge to release any of them. But again, once COVID hit, I started thinking, here I have a back catalog of 50-100 songs I have never recorded, plus all these new songs that were coming out of me, I just figured, why am I holding onto all these songs and not letting people hear them? I’m 44; what am I waiting for?” he pondered.
    His answer was that there really was no reason for not releasing them.
    “Music has always been for myself first... and everyone else second,” said MacDonald.
    “I write songs for me. I play gigs for me. It’s my passion. It didn’t matter to me if other people heard them or even liked them really. It’s always just been my method of venting my demons in a way. But, as I’m getting older, looking at my kids, I just started thinking, I may as well start throwing all these songs out to the world and see what happens,” he explained.
    “It’s just a fun creative outlet for me. If other folks dig it, that’s gravy,” he added.
    MacDonald said that he’s fortunate to be in a great spot in my life and he feels he is writing some of his best stuff to date.
    “As one gets older, it’s not about being super confident, I’m just more sure of my place in this world and where I fit in. I really am enjoying learning the production side of the music and the videos. I’m doing it all myself on both those ends and I’m happy where it’s heading. Of course, I hope people will enjoy what they hear, but that’s not my reason for doing it. I will always write. I will always play shows,” he said.
    “In a way, my kids never knew me as ‘Dad the Musician,’ I am just ‘Dad’ to them, so with them becoming teenagers now...and COVID on top of all of it, I thought, you know, it’s time for me to step out of the shadows and let my kids and others hear what I’ve been doing all this time,” explained MacDonald.
    Facebook and Instagram are his preferred platforms: IG: @aaronmacdonaldmusic; FB:
    Be sure to download some new Aaron MacDonald tunes wherever you like to listen.







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