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Vivid tunes by young minds, Old Souls: Celtic Colours

Gillian Boucher and Bob McNeill, playing

-by Anne Farries

    “Old souls are thought to be wise beyond their years ... there is a depth of soul, character, and experience that comes out in their performance.”
    So promised Celtic Colours ahead of Friday night’s concert in Inverness village, and sure as the sun rises above the mist, the performers delivered.
    The four sets included fiddler Gillian Boucher, who travelled from New Zealand to perform again on the high school stage where she graduated, now in front of a crowd of 800 that overflowed onto bleachers at the back of the gym.      “The first time she was on the Celtic Colours stage, she was 15 years old,” festival co-founder Joella Foulds told the audience.
    “She has gone on to have a marvellous career.”

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