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Fontaine and Inverness Legion to present Three Chords-Key to Life series

John R. Fontaine

-by John Gillis

    With the onset of winter and so many places closing down seasonal operations many people are left to wonder what opportunities will they have for social outings over the long and cold winter in Inverness County. Noted Foot Cape musician John R. Fontaine has a suggestion for you.
    Fontaine has been giving some thought to putting together a series of shows at The Inverness Legion through the months of December through April/May called Three Chords- Key to Life.
    “I’ve had this idea brewing for some time now in order to keep the music going and to keep the opportunities to play going. It’s all about the music. This seemed to be a good time to take it on. Beginning on the last Saturday of December (December 28th) from 9:00 p.m. to midnight, we’re going to begin with this series of shows at the Inverness Legion. With so many top calibre musicians in the area, I hope to have many of them as special guests at these events,” Fontaine told The Oran this week.

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