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Storytellers Gallery: Reopened and back in time for new workshops

A group of artists display their work after a Judique Paint Night event.

January 20, 2021


-by Rose Poirier

    Doors closed and fiddles fell silent at Storytellers Gallery in Judique in 2020. COVID wanted to conquer. But two daughters of two founding volunteers of the Judique Historical Society put ideas together and flung the doors wide open again. Rita Warner and Rose Poirier, children of the late Sadie and Henry Poirier saw revival opportunities. You know the spot, on Route 19: A big red building also known as Jack’s Old Store, north of St. Andrew’s Church. It had been a Port Hood mining company house and was hauled to Judique about 100 years ago.
    Warner’s wealth of ideas began brewing: “We couldn’t put on our ceilidhs anymore so we had to think, ‘What else can we do instead that still maintains our community feel and helps people see the wonderful culture and heritage we have here?’”

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